Custom CraftingEdit

Custom Crafting is a mechanic added to the game to allow more crafting recipes. It is important to note the following-

  • Custom Crafting can only occur at custom crafting benches
  • Custom Crafting recipes WILL NOT work at normal crafting benches
  • There are several unique types of crafting areas, each will only work with specific recipes

Universal Bench Edit


This bench can craft several new recipes. Such as-

  • Wither Skull
  • Horse Armor
  • Cobweb
  • Elytra
  • Mob Spawner

Mending Bench Edit

This bench will allow the user to craft unique gadgets and gizmos with mended doubloons. Such as-

  • Hunter Acura
  • Smoke Bombs
  • Claw Trap
  • Fast Travel Scroll

Dungeon Bench Edit

These benches can only be reached by completing any of the randomly scattered dungeons. They will require heavy amounts of gold doubloons, magic items, and the recipe! Such as-

  • Simoons Song
  • Frostbains Bite
  • Rift Walker

Recipe Bench Edit

These benches allow the user to attempt to learn new miscellaneous recipes at the cost of materials. If a player has unlocked every recipe, they will be unable to attempt using the bench. Possible unlocks include-

  • Fire Work Pack
  • Custom (wolf) Colar Pack
  • Custom Trails Pack

Ranked Recipes Edit

When ranking up, you will have the chance to obtain miscellaneous recipes.

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