Hydration Edit

Hydration is a mechanic added to keep track of any liquid consumed by the player. There are 3 stages of hydration.

Dehydration- This will take affect when the player doesn't hydrate regularly. If the player continues to ignore water messages, they will slowly take damage and eventually succumb to dehydration Edit


Hydrated- This is the most preferred state, as the player is not in risk of death by dehydration. Edit


Over-hydration - This occurs when the player drinks to many liquids in a short period. If a well hydrated player continues to drink liquids, the player will recieve a message notifying the player. Continuing to drink the player will suffer from nausea, vomiting, and burping. This will leave the player in a very vulnerable state. Edit


How To Hydrate Edit

You have 2 primary forms of hydration, consumables such as water bottles, potions, and mellons. The second form consist of the player standing in water.

Consumables Edit

While majority foods provide some small amount of hydration, using any item containing water will prove far more effective.

Drinking Edit

A player will be able to drink from certain locations such as: Taverns, Wells, Springs, Aquifers

The Camel Perk will reward the player with the unique ability to drink from all water sources.

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